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Curse, Spell &
Vow Removal

During a curse, spell, and vow removal we will dissolve negative energy streams, such as curses and spells that are connected to your energy field. This also includes dissolving black magic and former vows taken in this life or previous lives such as vows of poverty. 

What to Expect with a Curse, Spell, & Vow Removal

During a curse & vow removal Katie will walk you through a heart felt ceremony to break the chains of any binding curses, spells, or vows from this life and previous lifetimes. 

Curses can be from black magic, negative thought forms, the evil eye, and vows can include poverty vows taken in previous lifetimes.

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Church Candles_edited_edited.jpg

It is recommended to complete a Curse, Spell, & Vow Removal Session at least twice a year as we are in constant contact with new people and energies. 

Process for Curse, Spell, & Vow Removal 

During a Curse, Spell, and Vow Removal Session we will dissolve negative energy streams and cords attached to you. You will receive an email with a seal to print out for our session. The session will be a purification ritual where we amplify the power of your innate divinity in combination with the sacred seal and Earth elements. I will walk you though a meditation to activate your light body. We will anchor in the frequency of complete sovereigty and freedom from any outside forces while we envision a state of peace and harmony. Then we will activate the seal to complete the purification of your auric field. 

As we are in constant contact with new people and energies, it is recommended to complete this session at least twice a year, or ideally every season. 

Signs you could be influenced by Black Magic:

Experiencing a string of unexplainable misfortunate events

Extreme fatigue or unexplainable pains and aches

Feelings of hopelessness and despair

Inability to break free from looping patterns

Extreme loss of finances 

Extreme loss of vitality and health or inability to heal

Strong intuition that someone has intentional harm towards you

Feeling of being under control or being manipulated

Mental fogginess and lack of clarity

Visit to the Caribbean, India, Philippines, Africa, or Mexico where witchcraft is very rampant and a common practice

Unexplained onset of anxiety and/or depression

Feelings of self-harm and self-sabatoge

Unusual dreams and nightmares, feeling attacked while sleeping

Feeling of having extreme bad luck

Feeling of being cursed or hexed

Paranoid feelings of being watched or followed

Feelings of unattractiveness

Unexplainable weight loss or gain

These examples are common  symptoms from Black Magic. Other health factors may cause symptoms above. Medical treatment may be needed for symptoms unrelated to black magic.

(and more common than you think)

Black Magic has historically been a common practice throughout the Caribbean, Africa, India, and Mexico. Among these locations, Black Magic is part of the culture unknown to many visiting tourists who may naively partake in a customary rituals inducing a hex on themselves. Commonly, a local native may cast a spell or perform voodoo on a tourist for no apparent reason other than to spread evil. 

Additionally, the Wicca practice has gained much popularity over the years and actively recruits members. The Wiccan tradition teaches the use of spells, curses, and magic to manipulate and control others. This new popular practice has caused tremendous destruction and havoc on the lives of both those practicing Wicca and those who have been targeted by Wicca. Please stay away from Wicca or any other group promoting the use of Witchcraft as you will ultimately hurt yourself the most when turning over your power to these dark practices. 

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