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72-Hour Miracle Healing

A new modality combining the power of Tesla coil technology infused with  color, light, sound, structured water, and quantum codes to send you remote healing for physical, emotional, spiritual and mental ailments. 

How To Receive a 72-Hour Customized Healing:

1) Click the button below to book and pay for the healing 

2) Click on "Fill Out Form" and provide the details of your situation

3) Email me a photo of yourself

Please click the link below to fill out a brief form so I can understand your situation.

Please email a photo of yourself to

Once you fill out the form above and email me your photo, I will email you the details of your customized healing. No further action is required on your part. 

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  What you will receive with a 

72-Hour Miracle Healing  

72-Hours of customized healing therapy

that includes the combined power of:

Tesla Coil Technology 

Light Therapy

Color Therapy

Sound Therapy

Structured Water

Quantum Healing Code(s)

A 72-Hour Miracle Healing Can Help You:

  • Feel energized

  • Alleviate pain

  • Heal ailments that have been challenging to heal

  • Feel grounded in your body

  • Assist with symptoms of anxiety and depression

  • Bring your nervous system back to homeostasis

  • Assist with aligning and balancing chakra energy centers

  • Gain spiritual support in times of crisis or transition

  • Get healing for challenging ailments remotely

Image by Mohamed Nohassi
Image by Michael Dziedzic

How Does It Work?

With the process of a 72-hour miracle healing you will fill out a form that identifies the area where you need healing and you will email me a photo of yourself.

Once I receive your information and photo I begin setting up the process where I customize the following items based on your situation:


Structured water 

Healing color(s)

Quantum healing code(s)

Healing Sounds / Music

Spiritual Guide(s)

Power up Tesla Plate

Then I program a pre-cleared quartz crystal obelisk to connect with your energy field and the quantum healing code(s) specified.  The crystal obelisk is submerged in the structured water and placed on a technologically advanced Tesla coiled plate that emits light and a toroidal field around the crystal submerged in the structured water. The healing colors are transparent films that are placed over the emitted light and are projected onto the crystal and structured water. The Tesla plate has an outlet that connects to a CD player that infuses the field with customized

sound healing. 

I absolutely love conducting this beautiful alchemical treatment. 

-Katie Bishop

Many thanks to Vanessa Cisneros at Sound and Color Acupuncture for the inspiration.

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