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Here you will find videos of teachings & classes on

self-healing, intuition, ancient wisdom for today's times, spiritual practices, metaphysics, and activating the remembrance of YOUR divine nature.

....more content coming soon....

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Activate your Intuition, Receptivity, & Manifestation Powers

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All Videos

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In the video above, I answer commonly asked questions about connecting to spirit and I share a step-by-step method that provides you with the following:

*Improved Intuition*
*Expanded receptivity to receiving spiritual messages*
*Answers regarding Chakra removal & AI implant systems*
*Activation using the power of seed mantras*
*Activation using the power of pre-Atlantean sacred language*
*Activation using the power of mudras*
*Relaxed central nervous system*
*Grounding of the soul essence into the body* 
*Raised vibrational frequency (increased power to manifest)*

Click here for more information on Chakra and AI Implant removal

Coming soon...The Hermetic Principles and how to apply them into your life ....

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