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Talk Therapy & Guidance Session

What Is a Talk Therapy & Guidance Session?

During a Talk Therapy & Guidance Session, you will be have the opportunity to ask specific questions relating to your life journey. Questions can include topics such as relationships, careers, family, and spirituality. You may share your unique life experiences with Katie to gain a new perspective and clarity.

*It is recommended to do a Talk Therapy and Guidance Session every month or at a minimum, once a season.

What Will I Receive in a Talk Therapy & Guidance Session?

  • Customized 45-minute one-on-one session with Katie

  • Personalized guidance and advice on your direction and goals

  • Open questions and answers to provide clarity on your life experiences

  • 3-6-9 Source Energy Triangle to support intentions for your manifesting your goals

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How Talk Therapy & Guidance Sessions Will Help You

Consider Talk Therapy & Guidance Sessions if you seek the following:

  • Guidance on life decisions such as:

    • Career transitions​

    • Relationships

    • Spirituality

    • Healing personal issues & breaking patterns​​

  • Advice for navigating through difficult situations

  • Guidance and perspective on your life's journey 

  • Clarity and perspective on metaphysical experiences

  • Simply needing to have your voice heard

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