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Frequency Override Procedure

Time Bending Process Accelerates Healing & Activates Reality Shift 

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The Frequency Override Procedure bends time and space to revisit and heal from past events. During the process I conduct a remote ceremony to install and seal a higher frequency overlay to past events.

The overlay or "override" activates a new time line aligned with your soul's purpose free from negative interferences or binding karma . 

This procedure is used for the following 3 circumstances:

  1. Healing from past traumatic events

  2. Reconciliation from your own past regrettable behaviors

  3. SRA Healing 

The Frequency Override Procedure requires a Customized Planning Session to discuss the past events you want to override.

After our Customized Planning Session we will schedule a time for the actual Frequency Override Procedure and Ceremony.


Please schedule your Customized Planning Session Below:

What Will I Receive in a Customized Planning Session?

During the Customized Planning Session you will discuss the times in your life where you experienced trauma (includes SRA*) or you exhibited regrettable behavior of your own that you want to reconcile. Depending on the times we will revisit you will receive one or all of the following

  1. Shadow Work Guide and/or Higher Self Activation Guide 

  2. Preparation Guide with instructions on how to prepare  mentally, spiritually, and physically to maximize and lock-in long-term results

  3. A calendar link to schedule your Frequency Override Procedure & Ceremony

What Will I Receive in a Frequency Override Procedure?

  • Customized 60-minute one-on-one Frequency Override Procedure with Katie including a personalized ceremony to overlay a new frequency on past events.

  • Fire and Earth Ceremony conducted on your behalf (you will not need to be present).

  • Personalized 5–10-minute video of Katie sharing the spirit messages for you from the fire and earth ceremonies.

  • 3-6-9 Source Energy Triangle to lock in the new timeline and sustain the healing to continually flow into your energy field after the session.

  • An Integration Guide to assist with processing and amalgamating the energetic transformations.

How Does The Frequency Override Procedure Help SRA Victims?

Katie creates a customized ceremony to heal victims from

the effects caused by SRA including:

  1. Entity Attachment Release

  2. Override/Deactivation of Dark Magic, Curses, & Spells 

  3. Inner Child & Soul Trauma Healing

  4. Sealing of Portals Created by Ritual Tattoos or Branding 

  5. Transforms Victims into Victors

To donate funds to support SRA Victims or to apply for financial assistance from the United Intentions "Freeing Hearts & Minds" 501c3 Charity, please click HERE 

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