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Akashic Records Session

Clears Negative Interferences and Heals Traumas

What Is an Akashic Session?

An Akashic Session in the Earth Bishop practice will free you from any interferences in past (parallel lives) that are currently having a negative influence in your current incarnation. An Akashic Session will also provide you with a physical, mental, and/or spiritual energy healing as well as relevant information and guidance for your soul’s journey and life’s purpose.

*It is recommended to do an Akashic Session each season or at a minimum, 2 times a year

What Will I Receive in an Akashic Session?

  • Customized 60-minute one-on-one clearing and healing session with Katie interpreting information from the Akashic Records living database.

  • Fire and Earth Ceremony on your behalf (you will not need to be present).

  • Personalized 5–10-minute video of Katie sharing the spirit messages for you from the fire and earth ceremonies.

  • 3-6-9 Source Energy Triangle to keep the healing intentions continually flowing into your energy field after the session.

  • An Integration Guide to assist with processing and amalgamating the energetic transformations.

Above video on: "Akashic Records, Spells, Rituals, and Magic"

Signs you need an Akashic Session:

Consider an Akashic Session if you experience the following:

  • Brain fog

  • Feeling “cursed”

  • Suspicion of generational contracts

  • Feeling blocked

  • Uncurable ailments or pains

  • Repeating patterns of destruction or looping situations

  • Feeling out of alignment with your own energy or spirit

  • Feeling of unresolved karma

  • Suspicion of past-life curses, magic, vows, spells, oaths, etc.

  • Lack of life purpose or direction

  • Attracting “bad luck”

Results from an Akashic Session:

Following an Akashic Session you will experience:

  • Freedom from interferences related to curses, spells, magic, sorcery, wizardry, vows, oaths, etc.

  • Relief from generational or soul contracts

  • Reduced anxiety

  • Clearing, guidance, and/or resolution around repeating or unresolved karma or relationship issues

  • Increased mental and spiritual clarity

  • Enhanced senses

  • Deeper connection to true self/higher self/inner sage

  • Soul wound healing

  • Physical, mental, spiritual healing and/or guidance on healing

  • Validation and information on soul’s previous incarnations

  • Stronger understanding or rediscovery of soul’s purpose/mission


What Are The Akashic Records?

The Akashic Records are a living celestial database containing a comprehensive history of every soul's thoughts, words, emotions, and events, past, present, and future. Existing beyond the physical realm, Akashic comes from the Sanskrit word "Akasha," meaning ether or sky. The Akash can also be referred to as "The Book of Life."


The Akashic Records are an ethereal library for your soul. This celestial database holds the key to understanding your life's journey on a deeper level.


You may wonder why you keep facing the same challenges or why certain patterns repeat in your life. The Akashic Records can offer insights as they are a reflective pool, revealing the choices you've made and their impact.

Do you ever feel out of alignment between your spirit and your personal life, relationships, career, true calling, etc? It's as if something deeper is calling you. Your Akashic Records can guide you back to your soul's purpose, helping you make choices that resonate with your true self.


Imagine the Akashic realm as the pinnacle of energetic worlds. It's a reservoir of your thoughts, actions, and experiences throughout your soul's journey. By tapping into this realm, you're consulting with your life's own ascended teachers and guides. You gain a multidimensional view of your existence—past, present, and future.


With an Earth Bishop Akashic Session, we focus on clearing and healing specific influences that are impacting your life today so that you're not just exploring your life's story; you're actually co-authoring the next chapters.

What is the Purpose of
The Akashic Records?

Is it Worth Accessing The Akashic Records?
Are There Any Risks?

Are you wondering if an Akashic Records Session is worth your time and emotional investment? 


Firstly, the energy within the Akashic Records is inherently meditative and high frequency. In essence, the Akashic Records remain a sanctuary for reconnecting with your highest self and accessing your innate wisdom.


That said, what can you realistically expect after a reading? The answer: transformation. 


Some might worry about karmic interference. Is delving into the Akashic Records meddling with a cosmic balance? The simple answer is no. The insights gained from your records don't manipulate your karmic journey; they illuminate it.


There's a timely urgency to consider as well. We're currently experiencing what some describe as a collective ascension into the "New Earth" where societal and conscious constructs are changing rapidly.  Now, more than ever, is the time to be grounded in your spirituality. Accessing your Akashic Records isn't just an act of personal exploration; it's a step toward aligning with the higher vibrations of the multi-verse.


The Akashic Records are a sacred space for spiritual discovery, but they also offer guidance for your soul's journey. With an Earth Bishop Akashic Session, you're not only gaining access to this celestial library but also receiving custom healing and clearing of generation karma that could be influencing your life today. It's an opportunity for profound transformation and since the Akash is a living library, every time you heal yourself you in turn heal the generations before you and the generations to come after you. 

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