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Bishop: (Noun) Guardian, Overseer, Protector

Turning Pawns into Power Players on the Multi-Dimensional Chess Board of Life 


As an intuitive alchemist, I use my training in energy healing, shamanic wisdom, quantum mechanics, and parasitic-entity attachment removal to rearrange the multi-dimensional chess board of life in your favor, positioning you on the highest path of your life's journey and soul's purpose.


First, I identify blockages that are draining your energy and restricting your ability to manifest your life goals. Second, I conduct a clearing to remove energetic blocks and/or parasitic attachments and replace them with an integration of a higher frequency to heal all wounded aspects of yourself. Lastly, I will work with you on retrieving and embodying parts of your soul consciousness that have been disconnected as a result of disassociation, trauma, and parasitic attachments. This process will put you in alignment with your higher, true self to empower you to create the life you want to live. Checkmate!



(click on each service below for more information and to book a session)

*Akashic Records*

Clear negative influences & heal from traumas​ from past (parallel lives)

*Energy Healing*

Clear energy blocks and/or entity attachments​​​

*Soul Part Retrieval*

Bring back & embody soul parts that disassociated during past traumas​

*Talk Therapy & Guidance*

Receive grounded & intuitive guidance for navigating your life's journey

*Remote Reiki with DEEMS*

Cleanse, balance & invigorate your chakra energy systems​ 

*Frequency Override Procedure*

Bend time & space to accelerate healing and activate reality shift

*Custom procedure for SRA Victims 

Not sure which service you need? Sign up for a Strategy Session below to create a customized plan:

Please watch the above video to learn about the

Earth Bishop philosophy and what you can expect in a healing session

Three Step Healing Process

The Earth Bishop Practice integrates the following principles:

Talk Therapy

Identify Source
of Blockages




Break Free and
Heal from Energy Blocks 

Embodiment of Higher-Self

Soul Part Retrieval & Embodiment of True Self (Higher Self/Inner Sage)



In an Akashic Records session we will clear negative influences and heal wounded aspects of yourself from past (parallel lives).

*This is a separate process from parasitic attachment removal 

*I am booked through 2023. Please click on the schedule button for available session times in January 2024

In an Energy Healing Session we will identify areas where you have stagnant energy blocks or entity attachments preventing the flow of your life force energy. We will clear the blocks and replace the gaps in your energy field with a healing frequency.  (*requires booking a 30-minute Strategy Session prior to booking an Energy Healing Session).

*I am booked through 2023. Please click on the schedule button above for available session times in January 2024

Navigating the lower 4D astral plane/8th Sphere and
how to remove entity attachments for revitalizing the mind, body, and spirit. 

PDF contains corresponding

instructions pertaining to the video on

clearing attachments



Peta Bradley


World Horseshoe



"My business partner and I have been working for a combined 40 years to bring a new product to the market that helps to improve the health of horses and increase their longevity. We’ve face immense push back from forces that do not want this product to come to market.We learned about Katie’s work where she specialises in conducting energy clearings, so we chose to compete a 2 hour session with her via Zoom in the USA (we are in England and Australia), after completing some really valuable preparatory work she gave us beforehand. Since this session, we have noticed a positive change in our energy flow and believe this will grow even more with time. We’re very grateful for Katie’s commitment towards this righteous cause and for helping our company to become the success it is destined to be. Thank you from the World Horseshoe Company."

George H. Lewis

World Renowned Artist, Author, Speaker, Astrologer, and

Sound Healer

-New York-

“Katie is not only a dear friend of mine,

but a remarkable practitioner of the healing arts. She possesses a true intuitive talent for helping others align with their highest potential. Katie is truly committed to sharing her innate gifts to holistically enrich and beautify the body, mind, and spirit. I love how she integrates her pure heart, pragmatic mind, and multi-dimensional experiences into her professional practice; making the patient feel more aligned and integrated.  Her dedication to teaching others how to heal themselves is a testament to her authenticity and compassionate nature.
I highly endorse working with Katie for a divinely transformational experience in the activation and embodiment of one’s true self.“


Tamlyn Labuschange

Equine Consultant

Holistic Rehabilitation Specialist


"Recently Katie and I worked together to clean up a subject in my Akashic records. 

This experience was unlike any I had experienced previously, although the horse collective showed up as they have every time I undertake deep work, which was a comforting normality for me within the new unique session. 

 During this session my awareness noted my body feeling lighter and brighter as if lights were coming on within me.  A very nice feeling. This has continued post session. As the weeks go by I can see myself altering in form in accordance with the session clearing and cleaning out historical energy ties and patterns that were not beneficial anymore. 

 The shadow work homework that Katie required me to do prior to her session was key to my successful occurrences after the session. 

 We chose a topic and worked through that. While doing so other prompts came up clear as day for our attention. 

 Following the session I noticed circumstances and event shifting effortlessly in my outer world. 

 Pre session Shadow Work is as hard as we ourselves make it out to be. Do the shadow work so that everything holding your light dim or down can get out of your body/energy and be recycled at Source. 

 Katie is an authentic. The truth of her and what she does can be felt clear as a perfectly tuned bell. 

 I love working with all that is Katie!"

Dr. Christina Winsey

Health & Wellness Expert


When I began working with Katie, I was very interested in an Akashic Reading, as I felt there were spaces in myself that needed healing and couldn’t be accessed by me – or at least that is how it felt – like something was in my way.  I was also plagued by some self-judgment that caused pressure and self-judgment that was keeping me stuck and unhappy in this one area of my life particularly.  However, this problem affected all the other areas of my life.  I have been on a spiritual and personal growth path my entire life, and have cleared up many issues and stuck points.  However, I was drawn to Katie’s work because I knew there was a deeper level I needed to go in order to make the kinds of progress and changes I am now making.  As a result of working with her, things in my life have changed – some abruptly (and needed) and some over time.  I am different in a highly good way. She is compassionate, insightful, loving and fully present in our sessions and I highly recommend her! 



Alex Collier

Speaker, Humanitarian, QHS Ambassador (Quantum Healing Systems)

Alex Collier recommends Earth Bishop
and discusses the
health effects of parasitic attachments in the video below:

"Katie totally knows what she's doing.

She's as honest as a century is 100 years. And she's a spectacular human being and I mean that from the bottom of my heart."

-Alex Collier



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5D Chess Club


A monthly zoom meeting to

connect, network, and share experiences with others in the Earth Bishop Practice

to receive details.

Sun-Body-Earth Technique to clear, invigorate, & protect your energy

Instructional steps and image guide for the "Sun-Body-Earth" technique included in PDF above

Click on the video above where I explain the

"Sun-Body-Earth" technique 

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