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Bishop: (Noun) Guardian, Overseer, Protector

Turning Pawns into Power Players on the Multi-Dimensional Chess Board of Life 


As an intuitive alchemist, I use my training in energy healing, shamanic wisdom, quantum mechanics, and parasitic-entity attachment removal to rearrange the multi-dimensional chess board of life in your favor, positioning you on the highest path of your life's journey and soul's purpose.


First, I identify blockages that are draining your energy and restricting your ability to manifest your life goals. Second, I conduct a clearing to remove energetic blocks and/or parasitic attachments and replace them with an integration of a higher frequency to heal all wounded aspects of yourself. Lastly, I will work with you on retrieving and embodying parts of your soul consciousness that have been disconnected as a result of disassociation, trauma, and parasitic attachments. This process will put you in alignment with your higher, true self to empower you to create the life you want to live. Checkmate!


Please watch the above video to learn about the

Earth Bishop philosophy and what you can expect in a healing session

Earth Bishop Method for
Three Step Healing Process

The Earth Bishop Practice integrates the following principles:

Talk Therapy

Identify Source
of Blockages




Break Free and
Heal from Energy Blocks 

Embodiment of Higher-Self

Soul Part Retrieval & Embodiment of True Self (Higher Self/Inner Sage)


Service Offerings

Do you want to bypass the wait?

Then schedule a Fast-Track session below:

*Fast Track Scheduling gives you access to 7-days/week options - applies for all services except home clearings

(Fast-Track scheduling reflects a higher price than typical sessions)

Not sure which service you need? Sign up for a Strategy Session below to create a customized plan:

Get the latest updates from Katie & tips for self-healing


5D Chess Club

EB Logo.png
EB Logo.png

A monthly virtual meeting to connect, share, network, and support each other.

Next 5D Chess Club

  • Date:  Wednesday, July 24, 2024

  • Time: 8:00 PM EDT US​

  • Location: A video link will be emailed to 5D Chess Club Members. 


​If you are interested in joining 5D Chess Club please email

*You must have at least 1 Earth Bishop Session in order to join. 

The Video above explains 5D Chess Club


Alex Collier on Parasitic Entity Attachments


Alex Collier recommends Katie Bishop
and discusses the
health effects of parasitic attachments in the video below:

In an Energy Healing Session we will identify areas where you have stagnant energy blocks or entity attachments preventing the flow of your life force energy. We will clear the blocks and replace the gaps in your energy field with a healing frequency.  (*requires booking a 30-minute Strategy Session prior to booking an Energy Healing Session).

Above: Navigating the lower 4D astral plane/8th Sphere and
how to remove entity attachments for revitalizing the mind, body, and spirit. 


to download a PDF outlining the Process for Parasitic Entity Attachment Removal

Image by Rohit Tandon

The Hermetic Journey is a LIVE 7-week online course that teaches a fresh perspective on the Hermetic Principles and why applying their wisdom is key for the revelatory times we are experiencing today. 

The course will provide the foundations of Hermetics and how to implement their wisdom in your everyday life to elevate your spiritual growth, including the lost 8th Hermetic principle - the importance of heart-centered creation.

On this journey, you will ignite your innate alchemical abilities as you discover insights from the ancient secrets of the Hermetic principles in an easy to understand format as well as practical tips on how to use them and channel their power to shift and upgrade your mindset and your everyday life into higher frequencies.


Featuring energetic healer Katie Bishop, Yoga Nidra guide Ragnhild G. Isdahl, and guest speakers such as astrologer George H. Lewis, Laura Eisenhower, Chris O'Connor, Ursula Lentine

Screen Shot 2024-03-15 at 2.46.53 PM.png

Katie Bishop
Earth Bishop


Screen Shot 2024-03-15 at 2.47.13 PM.png
Screen Shot 2024-03-15 at 2.47.01 PM.png

Ragnhild H. Isdahl
The New Viking


Guest Speaker
George H. Lewis
Astrologer, Artist,Sound Healer


Ursula headshot_edited.jpg

Guest Speaker
Chris O'Connor

Inventor DEEMS Device, Healer, Disclosure Speaker


Guest Speaker
Laura Eisenhower
Exopolitics Researcher, Alchemist, Astrologer 


Guest Speaker
Ursula Lentine
Minister, Pranic Healing Instructor and healer

Guest Speaker
Janine Regan-Sinclair
The Consciousness Architect Therapist, Author, Healer 


Watch the video above to learn more about The Hermetic Journey online class

*You will receive recordings of the classes so don't worry about missing a class 


"I had never even heard of the word Hermetics...


The sole (pun intended) reason I joined the class was due to the incredible connection I felt with Katie. I am so grateful that I did join the class, and was honored to be a student of Ragnhild and Katie’s Hermetic Journey. But really, they both made me (and I am sure the other students as well) feel as though THEY were the ones honored by our presence. What struck me the most was that they both emanate the desire to be of service to humanity so strongly…throughout every single moment of each class, in fact. And yes, I did indeed learn about the Principles of Hermetics and in the most beautiful and safe way.


You often hear the word curated in conjunction with really yummy food. That’s how I felt about the Hermetics class-I felt that Rags and Katie curated the content with such tenderness and devotion; in alignment with whatever word it is one uses to convey the idea of consciousness/God/The All…


Each class held knowledge/deepened self-awareness for both the “spiritual novice” and “spiritually mature (lol)” alike. Between Katie’s sweet style of conveying rich knowledge, the variety of guest speakers (who were incredibly kind about sharing both themselves and their vast knowledge), and the guidance of the class by Rags throughout, ending with a wonderful yoga nidra to solidify the class session; I felt peace, clarity, focus, and a deeper sense of self and empowerment, not only during the class, but also in the days that would follow each class. We were given techniques that are practical for living in a consciousness way that would extend beyond the classes and deepen our alignment with that part of us that chose to incarnate on earth in human form. That’s what the class gave me, or maybe by joining the Hermetics Journey, I gave to myself. I also came to realize that’s all I really want at the end of the day-to know I am living in alignment with my soul’s purpose for incarnating in this lifetime-and being a part of the Hermetic Journey was a step closer in that direction😊" 

Thank you so much Rags and Katie!




-Michelle Strube



"I had never heard of Hermetics before joining this class. I’m so impressed with the clarity of the presentations, the workbooks, the speakers and work that went into presenting each segment of content. Each class could have been an entire course on its own. It was like sampling an enormous smorgasbord of world foods. The content was so extensive it was almost overwhelming, but the fact that we can go back and relisten to the recorded presentations is a fantastic addition.


Each week there were slides explaining the points that we were covering, as well as extremely interesting speakers, and exercises to do to try out or study what was presented.


And each class ended with the divine voice of Ragnhild, taking us into the receptive and beautiful relaxed state induced by Yoga Nidra guided meditations.

I would HIGHLY recommend this course to any person who is a seeker and wants to expand their understanding of life in the universe. 

Katie Bishop’s talk on Gender was brilliant, succinct, and clear. I want to memorize it so I can convey these points to people that I’m close to who probably have no idea about it, including my four thirty-something children and their partners.


My heart and soul have been deeply stimulated by this class and I am profoundly grateful to Rags and Katie for inviting me. I was excited to participate every week. The time flew by during each session.

God bless you Katie and Ragnhild for putting your heads together and coming up with this class. It was a joy, and a blessing for me."

-Kimmy Brown 

"Katie Bishop is a loving energy healer who is able to assist whoever crosses her path.  She has a wealth of integrity and knowledge, so she is able to assist individuals in so many ways.   


I recently took her course on the 7 Priniciples of Hermeticism that she created with Ragnhild Isdahl(The New Viking).  I highly recommend it to anyone who is seeking a deeper knowledge of this ancient wisdom for self mastery, as it can behoove everyone during these chaotic times that we are living in. 


If you are curious about your place and purpose in this lifetime, you will not be disappointed with the courses that Katie and Ragnhild have to offer."


-Cindy Kishel 


"The Hermetic Journey has been a most interesting journey.  It has been a great introduction about things of which one needs to be aware; the Hermetic  Principles or Universal Laws.  I have been grateful for the guidance, commitment, understanding, patience and coaching of both hosts of the course , both Katie Bishop and Ragnhild Greve-Isdahl.  They presented the material in a simple, direct , straight-forward manner  and backed it up with all of the resources that they could share with clarity and also presented formidable guest speakers with their illuminating thoughts to share.  I am very glad to have had this adventure with them even though much of the essence of it all will be absorbed more in the future as I continue to reflect, study, and think about all the things that were presented -and that is because everyone has to continually work around distractions that 'plague them" every day.  ...I am left with a very pleasant "taste in my  mouth"  ...or "feeling in my heart".  It was a pleasure to listen to authentic people so giving of what they know is important to share.  I am grateful for their gifts & treasures." 


-Jane Y -- Wilmette 


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