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View of Earth in Space


Bishop: (Noun) Guardian, Overseer, Protector

Turning Pawns into Power Players on the Multi-Dimensional Chess Board of Life 


As an intuitive alchemist, I use my training in energy healing, shamanic wisdom, quantum mechanics, and parasitic-entity attachment removal to rearrange the multi-dimensional chess board of life in your favor, positioning you on the highest path of your life's journey and soul's purpose.


First, I identify blockages that are draining your energy and restricting your ability to manifest your life goals. Second, I conduct a clearing to remove energetic blocks and/or parasitic attachments and replace them with an integration of a higher frequency to heal all wounded aspects of yourself. Lastly, I will work with you on retrieving and embodying parts of your soul consciousness that have been disconnected as a result of disassociation, trauma, and parasitic attachments. This process will put you in alignment with your higher, true self to empower you to create the life you want to live. Checkmate!


Please watch the above video to learn about the

Earth Bishop philosophy and what you can expect in a healing session

Service Offerings

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Coming in March 2024...

  72-Hour Miracle Healing  

A new modality connecting the power of intention infused with  color, light, sound, structured water, and Tesla coil technology to send you remote healing for physical, emotional, spiritual and mental ailments. 

Earth Bishop Method for
Three Step Healing Process

The Earth Bishop Practice integrates the following principles:

Talk Therapy

Identify Source
of Blockages




Break Free and
Heal from Energy Blocks 

Embodiment of Higher-Self

Soul Part Retrieval & Embodiment of True Self (Higher Self/Inner Sage)


Alex Collier on Parasitic Entity Attachments


Alex Collier recommends Katie Bishop
and discusses the
health effects of parasitic attachments in the video below:

In an Energy Healing Session we will identify areas where you have stagnant energy blocks or entity attachments preventing the flow of your life force energy. We will clear the blocks and replace the gaps in your energy field with a healing frequency.  (*requires booking a 30-minute Strategy Session prior to booking an Energy Healing Session).

Above: Navigating the lower 4D astral plane/8th Sphere and
how to remove entity attachments for revitalizing the mind, body, and spirit. 

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to receive the zoom link for February's 5D Chess Club

5D Chess Club

A monthly zoom meeting to

connect, network, and share experiences with others in the Earth Bishop Practice. New in 2024, guest speakers will join our discussions to share their expertise and answer your questions.



Date:    Thursday, February 15, 2024


Time:    8:00 PM EST (US)


Guest:   Tim Ray, Founder and Host of

            United Intentions Media Network


Join:    Email  Katie Bishop at to request access

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UI Media Network.png

Sun-Body-Earth Technique to clear, invigorate, & protect your energy

Instructional steps and image guide for the "Sun-Body-Earth" technique included in PDF above

Click on the video above where I explain the

"Sun-Body-Earth" technique 

Earth Bishop Website.png

Online Series With Astrologer
George H. Lewis & The New Viking, Ragnhild. Guest Speaker Katie Bishop (February)

I'm excited to be a guest speaker for a February session in the

online series 'TRAVEL WITHOUT MOVING.'


This private, online series is a new twist on ancient subjects presented in interactive sessions every Thursday from January 11 to February 22 with astrologer George H. Lewis and the meditation guide Ragnhild, The New Viking.

Each week, a 90-minute to two-hour session will include astrology, a journey through one of the chakras (or energy centers of the body) and transformative techniques on how to activate and bring awareness to them, then a guided live meditation or Yoga Nidra session, as well as time for personal questions and answers.




**This series is an ideal opportunity if you are unable to travel to attend The New Viking Retreats in person.


I will be joining as a guest speaker in February and I hope to see you there.


   Coming in February 2024  

   Fast Track Scheduling  

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Get your session scheduled within the same week with new Fast Track Scheduling....daily openings starting February 1st

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