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Chakra & AI Implant Removal 

The Chakras are energy vortex centers throughout the human body that connect us into the universe. The false matrix has an artificial Chakra System overlay on our Etheric Body. This artificial overlay provides a source for lower 4D entities and AI attachments to plug into your life force system to syphon and manipulate your energy. 

In a Chakra & Implant Removal Session we dissolve the AI Chakra Overlay and any corresponding implants and circuits connected to it. After the removal we purify your auric field and activate a seal of protection. 

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Process for Chakra and Implant Removal

During a Chakra and AI Implant Removal Session we will first activate the light body. Then we will dissolve each Chakra overlay. Once each Chakra overlay is removed we will purify each energy center and double check that the removal was successful. Then we will scan your body and auric field to remove AI Implants. Lastly we will activate a seal for complete purification and protection. Plan on 70 minutes for this session. It may take less time depending on each individual. Also, it's ideal to plan time afterwards to rest and integrate the changes. 

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