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Energy Healing Session

Clear Energy Blocks and Entity Attachments


What is an Energy Healing Session?

An Energy Healing Session is a recalibration, restoration, and revitalization for the mind, body, and spirit. During an Energy Healing Session, Katie will identify areas where you have stagnant energy blocks preventing the flow of your life force energy. She will clear the blocks and replace the gaps in your energy field with a healing frequency.  (*requires booking a 30-minute Strategy Session prior to booking an Energy Healing Session)

Book a Session Below:

*It is recommended to do an Energy Healing Session every season. A Strategy Session is only required for the first Energy Healing session.


What is a Strategy Session & What Will I Receive?


During the Strategy Session you will discuss the facets of your life that you would like to clear or transmute. You will receive the following:

  1. Shadow Work Guide to assist with identifying areas where you have energy blocks and/or parasitic entity attachments.

  2. Higher Self Activation Guide to assist with discovering and embodying your higher/true self (while healing your inner child).

  3. Clearing Preparation Guide with instructions on how to prepare for your Energy Healing Session mentally, spiritually, and physically.

  4. A calendar link to schedule your Energy Healing Session.

What Will I Receive in an Energy Healing Session?

  • Customized 60-minute one-on-one clearing and healing session with Katie.

  • 3 Personalized mantras designed to accelerate your spiritual enlightenment and strengthen your mind/body/spirit.

  • Fire and Earth Ceremony on your behalf (you will not need to be present).

  • Personalized 5–10-minute video of Katie sharing the spirit messages for you from the fire and earth ceremonies.

  • 3-6-9 Source Energy Triangle to keep the healing intentions continually flowing into your energy field after the session.

  • An Integration Guide to assist with processing and amalgamating the energetic transformations.


Signs You Need an Energy Healing Session:

Consider an Energy Healing Session if you experience the following:

  • Low energy

  • Brain fog

  • Feeling stuck or blocked

  • Negative self-talk

  • Self-sabotage

  • Difficulty breaking addictive behaviors

  • Difficulty breaking repeating patterns

  • Sensing an invisible presence around you

  • Irritability

  • Feeling disconnected

  • Feeling out of control

  • Lack of life purpose or direction

  • Existing instead of living

  • Feeling out of balance

  • Attracting “bad luck”

Results from an Energy Healing Session

Following an Energy Healing Session you will experience:

  • Increased energy

  • Reduced anxiety

  • Increased mental clarity (brain fog removal)

  • Enhanced senses

  • Freedom from controlling and addictive vices

  • Deeper connection to true self/higher self/inner sage

  • Improved quality of life

  • Healing inner child wounds

  • Stronger understanding or rediscovery of soul’s purpose/mission

  • Mind, body, soul alignment

Snowy Mountain Sunset

Who can benefit from an
Energy Healing Session?

All of us develop energetic blocks during our lives. Over time these blocks can create a dominating and controlling force over our minds and our behaviors. Frequently, parasitic entities can attach to these lower frequencies decreasing our life force energy. Removal of these energy blocks and attachments and replacing them with a healing frequency enhances the quality of one’s life.

An Energy Healing Session will benefit everyone at any point in their life’s journey.

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