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Home Clearing

Clear Your Home of Stagnant
Energy and Earth Bound

During a remote home clearing Katie will conduct an intake with you regarding any paranormal activity in the home. Then she will open open a portal to cross-over any Earth bound spirits. Lastly, she will walk you through a step-by-step instruction guide to refresh the energy in your home and keep it protected. 

It is recommended to do a Home Clearing every season or at a minimum, twice per year

What Will I Receive in a
Remote Home Clearing?

  • Customized one-on-one session with Katie clearing your home of any Earth bound spirits. 

  • Fire and Earth Ceremony to honor the spirits that were crossed over during the session.  (you will not need to be present for the fire and Earth Ceremonies)

  • A detailed step-by-step Home Clearing Guide to assist with refreshing the energy in your home while setting up spiritual protective measures.

*You will need to provide your  home address and

a photo of your home prior to your session


Signs Your Home Needs a Clearing

Please consider a home clearing if you experience the following in your home:

  • Strange noises and sounds (whispers, footsteps, door slams, creaks, etc)

  • Paranormal activity

  • Pockets of cold air flow

  • Feeling another presence 

  • Feeling of stagnant, heavy energy

  • Seeing apparitions outside your peripheral vision 

  • A Ouija board was used in the house

  • Uncleared crystals or pendulums were used in the house

  • Objects moving or missing (finding objects in unusual places)

  • Sporadic electricity activity (flashing light bulbs, flickering lights, etc)

  • Electronics and TVs turning on and off or batteries draining rapidly

  • Pets acting strange

  • Unexplainable wafting odors

What Are Earth Bound Spirits?

Earth bound spirits are those who remained tethered to the Earth plane after their physical body has deceased.  Many are aware that they have died yet others are not. The reasons for them not passing into their next phase of evolution after physical death  is unique in every situation. "Crossing-over" an Earth bound spirit consists of opening a portal and creating an energetic charge to help them ascend to the light with the assistance of guides, guardians, and ancestors. 

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