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Soul Retrieval Session

Embody soul parts that disassociated during past traumas​

What Is a Soul Retrieval Session?

During a Soul Retrieval Session, you will be in a relaxed state of mind and Katie will navigate the subconscious to unlock and bring back parts of your soul consciousness that disassociated from you during trauma.

Please book below:

*I highly recommend booking a Strategy Session for an Energy Healing prior to a Soul Retrieval because the Soul Retrieval will be more effective when we've cleared energy blocks in your field first.

What Will I Receive in a Soul Retrieval Session?

  • Customized 60-minute one-on-one healing session with Katie interpreting information from your subconscious mind.

  • Fire and Earth Ceremony on your behalf (you will not need to be present).

  • 3-6-9 Source Energy Triangle to keep the healing intentions continually flowing into your energy field after the session.

  • An Integration Guide to assist with processing and amalgamating the energetic transformations.

Orange Clouds

Signs You Need a Soul Retrieval Session:

Consider a Soul Retrieval Session if you experience the following:

  • Emotional numbness and disengagement from life

  • Feeling incomplete, like something is missing

  • Apathy or indifference towards life

  • Feeling disconnected or lost

  • Lack of self identity and confidence

  • Missing "spark" of life force energy

  • Unexplained fearfulness 

  • Anxiety and depression

  • Lack of life purpose or direction

  • Existing instead of living

  • Feeling out of balance

Results from a Soul Retrieval

Following a Soul Retrieval
you will experience:

  • Revival of life force energy

  • Feeling of wholeness

  • Increased motivation and inspiration

  • Feeling aligned with mind, body, spirit connection

  • Lack of self identity and confidence

  • Feeling grounded and centered in your body

  • Calmness, diffused anxiety

  • Heightened sense of clarity

  • Improved 

  • Feeling more connected and present 

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Spiritual and Psychological background on  
"Soul Loss" and "Soul Retrieval" 

"Soul retrieval" is a concept that originates from spiritual and shamanic traditions. It is the idea that an individual's soul or vital essence may become fragmented or lost as a result of trauma, emotional distress, or other challenging life experiences.  As means of survival, parts of the soul disconnect from one’s consciousness.

In traditional psychology, “Soul Loss” is assimilated to disassociation as a coping mechanism. Disassociation causes the fracturing of one’s consciousness. “Soul Retrieval” reopens the neural pathways of the brain that have been blocked over time with repeated patterns of disassociation.

During the process of soul retrieval, the spiritual healer journeys into the spiritual realms to locate and retrieve the lost fragments of the person's soul. This retrieval restores balance, wholeness, and well-being to the individual.

Once these fragmented aspects of the soul are brought back and reintegrated into one’s consciousness then healing manifests on a physical, emotional, and spiritual level.

In the Earth Bishop practice, it is highly recommended to complete a Soul Retrieval Session after an Energy Clearing and Healing, Akashic, and/or Frequency Override Session. As old energies are cleared out an opportunity opens up to bring lost soul parts home.


On a personal note, “Soul Retrieval” is my favorite practice,   

-Katie Bishop

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