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About Katie Bishop

Certified Energy Healer &
Founder, Earth Bishop

Katie Bishop is a certified energy healer and founder of Earth Bishop, a practice dedicated to helping people break free from energetic blockages while pulling in their innate gifts to embody the true self and live in alignment with the soul’s highest purpose. ​


The Earth Bishop practice includes offerings such as Akashic Records Readings, Energy Healing, Soul Part Retrieval, Remote Reiki with DEEMS, and a time-bending Frequency Override Program.


Why "Earth Bishop?"

When I embarked on my journey in service to humanity I promised our Mother Earth that I would honor her every step of the way so that we as a human race would remember our sacred connection to nature. Born with the last name of Bishop, meaning "Guardian", I live my life protecting, respecting, and loving our planet and the beauty of Mother Nature. For every person that heals, in turn heals the planet. Hence, I named my practice "Earth Bishop." 

After working in the life science industry for several years, Katie decided it was time to follow her heart’s true calling to share her natural gifts in service to humanity by establishing her own healing practice. Katie combines her training in shamanic wisdom and traditional entity-attachment removal with ancient alchemy, quantum mechanics, and her own profound metaphysical experiences to bring vitality to the mind, body, and spirit.

Katie’s practice provides a safe, compassionate, and graceful process for clients to conquer their fears and heal from trauma while transmuting their shadow-self aspects. She has the natural ability to see the gifts each person brings into this world, and she is dedicated to helping her clients embody their highest potential. She truly loves being a part of her client’s transformational journey every step of the way.

When Katie embarked on her journey in service to healing humanity, she promised to honor our sacred relationship to Mother Earth, hence she named her practice Earth Bishop. Katie includes all the natural elements in her sessions to strengthen humanity’s symbiotic relationship with nature. Katie hopes for everyone to become an "Earth Bishop" meaning to serve as a guardian of Terra and to use the energies of the earth for healing.  

Katie grew up Catholic in the Midwest and currently resides in Atlanta, GA. Katie loves animals, the ocean and as a self-proclaimed “forever learner”, Katie enjoys reading, trying new healing modalities, and participating in events aligned with the new Earth paradigm. She’s currently writing a book about her personal experiences and learnings to help others navigate their own spiritual journey.

Fire Ceremony

(Bringing in higher-self)


Higher-Self Shown On Left Front

(Katie is the only person in this photo but you can see the expansion  of the higher-self appearing almost as another  person during a sacred fire ceremony)

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