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Alex Collier

Speaker, Humanitarian,
Quantum Healing Systems Ambassador


"Katie totally knows what she's doing.

She's as honest as a century is 100 years. And she's a spectacular human being and I mean that from the bottom of my heart."

-Alex Collier

Starry Night

Alex Collier recommends Katie Bishop for healing and removal of parasitic entity attachments


George H. Lewis
New York / London

World Renowned Artist, Author, Astrologer, Speaker, & Sound Healer

“Katie is not only a dear friend of mine,

but a remarkable practitioner of the healing arts. She possesses a true intuitive talent for helping others align with their highest potential. I thoroughly enjoyed my sessions with Katie and found the results from my fire ceremony truly profound. Katie is honestly committed to sharing her innate gifts to holistically enrich and beautify the body, mind, and spirit. I love how she integrates her pure heart, pragmatic mind, and multi-dimensional experiences into her professional practice; making the patient feel more aligned and integrated.  Her dedication to teaching others how to heal themselves is a testament to her authenticity and compassionate nature.
I highly endorse working with Katie for a divinely transformational experience in the activation and embodiment of one’s true self.“

Three Horses

Peta Bradley


The World Horseshoe Company

"My business partner and I have been working for a combined 40 years to bring a new product to the market that helps to improve the health of horses and increase their longevity. We’ve face immense push back from forces that do not want this product to come to market.We learned about Katie’s work where she specialises in conducting energy clearings, so we chose to compete a 2 hour session with her via Zoom in the USA (we are in England and Australia), after completing some really valuable preparatory work she gave us beforehand. Since this session, we have noticed a positive change in our energy flow and believe this will grow even more with time. We’re very grateful for Katie’s commitment towards this righteous cause and for helping our company to become the success it is destined to be. Thank you from the World Horseshoe Company."

Horse Whisperer

Dr. Christina Winsey



Health & Wellness Expert

"When I began working with Katie, I was very interested in an Akashic Reading, as I felt there were spaces in myself that needed healing and couldn’t be accessed by me – or at least that is how it felt – like something was in my way.  I was also plagued by some self-judgment that caused pressure and self-judgment that was keeping me stuck and unhappy in this one area of my life particularly.  However, this problem affected all the other areas of my life.  I have been on a spiritual and personal growth path my entire life, and have cleared up many issues and stuck points.  However, I was drawn to Katie’s work because I knew there was a deeper level I needed to go in order to make the kinds of progress and changes I am now making.  As a result of working with her, things in my life have changed – some abruptly (and needed) and some over time.  I am different in a highly good way. She is compassionate, insightful, loving and fully present in our sessions and I highly recommend her! "

Super Health Food

"Dearest Katie,

I wanted to send a separate email to tell you how deeply grateful I am for Your Presence, your heart of service, and your intuitive gifts that arise from the Divine Love you embody. You are a blessing to our world.


With all my heart,"

-Korrine. H


"Dear Katie,

I'm really feeling the clearing and clarity coming in as these entanglements release....

Thank you so much Katie. This is really wonderful and deeply appreciated. Healing on so many levels. I very much look forward to working with you more and have scheduled an energy healing session in January.

You are a gift. 💝"

-Crystal B.


"Hi Katie,

Thank you so much for our healing session -you are truly channel divine energy. So much love and peace came through from your heart that it truly truly helped me feel safe and like a light inside me was awakened. I can’t thank you enough for your kindness and generous heart!❤️💕"



-Heather. H


Blue Skies

Natasha Jennings
New Zealand




Angelic Truth Warrior,

SRA Survivor

"Katie Bishop is not only a beautiful, gentle, loving being but she has immense power and knowledge in regards to removing entities and cutting cords … from generational trauma, child rape

 and ritual abuse .  

I have been beyond blessed

to work with Katie and after doing so feel my inner child in a beautiful place of love, safety and  purity . 

Her downloads from the angels and spirit resonated deeply … telling me I was surrounded in blue light beings and angels , something I knew as true having experienced blue light since a child. 

Among many other things she also quoted a saying my counsellor said to me at eighteen years old . A quote that stayed with me for decades . 

If you feel called to work with Katie,  you will met by a loving soul and feel like you are working with one of Gods earth angels , which perhaps you are."

Clouds Theme Room
Violin and Music Sheet

Brinn Natasake




"I came to Katie Bishop hoping to get some help with removing blocks to healing, as well as a longstanding feeling that I was somehow cursed, which resulted in never quite realizing my dreams and goals I made both professionally as well as creative quests. 


I have had many health issues over the years. The most devastating was contracting pneumonia after years (off and on since childhood) of exposure to black mold. In 2015 I moved to Texas. The long and the short of that was that I contracted pneumonia from the black mold condensate that had been dripping from an air vent I sat next to everyday. I was admitted into the hospital with pneumonia and sepsis. I was treated with fluoroquinolone antibiotics which altered the mitochondrial and nuclear DNA throughout every cell in my body. The fatigue from that was intense. I have been spending my days, over the last three years, in a Lazyboy recliner. I could no longer walk our dogs through the neighborhood on foot. I had to use a mobility cart. I was unable to do housework, or much of anything else where I could not be seated in that recliner. I have been a member of Quantum Healing Systems since February of 2023, and have had some physical healing, but it seemed that I could not experience the healing that so many others were experiencing in their physical bodies.


In years gone by I had been a promising musician that was just beginning to blossom, when I just quit. I remember telling a music teacher in my twenties that I felt as if there was a veil that kept me from really excelling the way I felt I should be. I would find myself wondering if I had been cursed. I just could not seem to get my life together in spite of an unusual giftedness I had in music, or the drive I had to pursue other professions.  I would find myself turning down scholarships to music schools, and quitting music numerous times, out of the frustration that would inevitably develop when I would hit this mysterious wall.


Last weekend I had my third meeting with Katie. She suggested to have the healing for the Akashic Records, so that is what I did. I felt my energy shifting as the session was in progress. I felt lighter, freer, and more relaxed. The next morning when it came time to walk our dogs. My husband was quite surprised when he saw me come out with my walking stick. I walked very slowly with our slowest dog, even she walked faster than I was, but it went well. I ended up walking 5 or 6 blocks. There was some mild soreness since I have not walked that far in 3 years, but everything went well. Today I walked a little farther. It was 7 blocks. I have turned a corner. There is a certainty I feel now that I will continue to heal. My plans are to gradually increase the length of the walk and the speed as the healing continues I am looking forward to gardening, for the first time in years when Springtime comes around this next year. I am also going to start playing the viola again. I haven't played in many years, but now I can hardly wait to begin playing again. This is my first love, next to gardening, and being out in nature. I also plan on doing more healing work with Katie. This Akashic healing was amazing. I'm up for more. Katie is the real deal."

Frequency Override Testimonials

"After our session I felt energetic and happy ,

aligned with the love, safety and purity feeling . Was soooo lovely . I felt lighter with beautiful feelings . 

I want to thank you deeply for your big beautiful heart and your knowledge of how to set people like myself free from these cords and black magic .

I guess I was ready … I am and was soooo ready . 

You are amazing and I thank you soooooo much 

Katie I am beyond grateful to beautiful you and all you have given me ."


Eva Helle, M.A.



Alternative Medicine Practitioner

 "During one of his webinars Alex Collier mentioned Katie’s name and website, highly appreciating her work. Watching her video I resonated with her aura  of sensitivity, empathy, spirituality, authenticity, life-experience, well-grounded clarity and intelligence. I was very happy to get my first appointment with her via zoom and I was impressed by the reliable e-mail communication between our sessions, the way she explained what she was doing, and how she took responsibility by preparing and guiding me well before and through the process and thereafter. I feel privileged  to have been able to experience her healing work and psychic abilities, her love and dedication to her mission to help people."

"I had been working with various practitioners for years to help heal my trauma from SRA but nothing seemed to work.  Katie was the only one that truly understood my situation and the Frequency Override ceremony she performed healed my anxiety, nervous tendencies and even my finger nail biting. I am so grateful for having this life changing experience - thank you Katie."

-Jennie G. 

Horses on a meadow

Tamilyn Labuschange


Holistic Equine Rehabilitation Specialist


"Recently Katie and I worked together to clean up a subject in my Akashic records. 

This experience was unlike any I had experienced previously, although the horse collective showed up as they have every time I undertake deep work, which was a comforting normality for me within the new unique session. 

 During this session my awareness noted my body feeling lighter and brighter as if lights were coming on within me.  A very nice feeling. This has continued post session. As the weeks go by I can see myself altering in form in accordance with the session clearing and cleaning out historical energy ties and patterns that were not beneficial anymore. 

 The shadow work homework that Katie required me to do prior to her session was key to my successful occurrences after the session. 

 We chose a topic and worked through that. While doing so other prompts came up clear as day for our attention. 

 Following the session I noticed circumstances and event shifting effortlessly in my outer world. 

 Pre session Shadow Work is as hard as we ourselves make it out to be. Do the shadow work so that everything holding your light dim or down can get out of your body/energy and be recycled at Source. 

 Katie is an authentic. The truth of her and what she does can be felt clear as a perfectly tuned bell. 

 I love working with all that is Katie!"

Horses in the pasture

Sondra Hunt


"Working with Katie is like multiple lifetimes of clearing and healing that words cannot even describe. I feel that by the time you meet Katie and you’re ready to work with her, it’s because you’re truly ready for your life to change, on many aspects, realms, and levels. The love, support, and magic that she brings to the sessions are multidimensional. I’ve worked with countless talented healers over the last 20 years and Katie is truly in a different league. Her downloads are so profound and so spot on.  I believe the timing of our meeting was serendipitous, because I was “ready” for a quantum shift in my frequency. The compassion and energetic container that Katie in is able to hold to help you transform is unmatched by anyone I’ve ever worked with before. After our session, I was a new level of inner peace more at peace. I am able to see and feel things at an energetic level that I’ve never been able to experience before.  I feel ready for what’s to come because I’ve anchored a higher timeline and I now feel more tapped into my higher self than ever before."

Image by Jared Rice

"Dear Katie,

Thank you so much again for your sweetness and gentleness with my heart during our session. You truly are meant to do this. I have never felt that safe sharing parts of myself with someone and you made me feel confident in your intentions through your openness and genuineness. You naturally know what people are feeling and know what to say to help them feel calm.


I think you may be one of the angels like Alex Collier talks about walking among us. 🥰😇"



You were absolutely right about everything that I could verify and I will be fascinated to follow the unfolding of the rest of the images/symbols in the days and weeks ahead.

A huge hug/mahalo nui loa to you and deepest gratitude for your skill, service to humanity, and the pure heart as the container in which all this happens. :-)"


"Dear Katie,

I have never experienced anything like this before (a soul retrieval).


Thank you for coming into my life:)  I am so blessed to have found you!


I cant wait to read your book......

I just wanted to say thank you for all you are doing to help Humanity."

-Yvonne C.

"Dear Katie,

Thanking you and all the angels and beings of light

 and very grateful to you for your kind heart in assisting not only my family but everyone at these such trying times.


I never expose my story in depth on first contact. For some reason, a high level of trust is present. Thank you,"

-Maria G. 

"Dear Katie-

I’ve had such an upswing in my energy

and thinking and vibes since the sessions this weekend; I shared your contact with multiple people. THANK YOU SO MUCHI would love to work with you again sometime.  

I’m telling SO many people and sharing your website.


… I hope they utilize the gifts you are rockin’!!  Be well and THANK YOU for bringing this work in the way you do. 💖💖💖

Sending you Gratitude and Love and Blissings.  Thank you Thank You THANK YOU."  💖✨🙏🏼🕊✨



"Thank you so much for the healing session and your beautiful ongoing support for me - my soul , my being and my life. Thank you for your time and for being there for me so fully. There’s so much you shared.  

I am not sure if my conscious self grasped everything, but I am very grateful to know the steps I can take at this current time in my journey.

THANK YOU once again for your loving assistance and facilitation for my journey.  My utmost gratitude to you."


-Missy M. 

"The fire ceremony video summary you did for me was so emotional to watch in the most beautiful way and my heart is so filled with love…thank you thank you thank you! 


You’re a spiritual warrior for the light and I love and appreciate you so very much!


I look forward to more time with you💕"

-Michelle C.

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